QR Code Privacy Statement

We at LinkBrothers&Co. Understand your privacy is important to you and us. With each purchase of any CryptoCurrency Wallet Address Card with QR code comes a Promise and Guarantee of Privacy.
We want any customers to understand that in NO way or form does LinkBrothers&Co. Share, search, distribute, or view any content from Public Addresses that are sent to us when purchasing any CryptoCurrency Hard Steel Wallet Address Card.
Each Pubic Address QR code is embedded into an enriched text file QR code, from the Public Address provided in the additional notes in the cart section. The text added into this field is what will be embedded into the QR code text file. For this, there is no reason for us to check, view, or share any Public Address that is provided to us.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.